Oct 20, 2011

WOWZERS! well havent been on this thing in forever! well my life has been pure AWESOMENESS ! no joke! soooo... Maximum velocity was OFF THE HOOK! Bro.Lance tore it up! and i met alot of new peeps! i also saw my seeeeester KARA CHAVEZ! oh it was so nice to see her! our youth choir sang on saturday morning and we did awesome! Blue Bomber has been great too! lots of lives being changed every week . i work on route2 on topaz and oakmont! best streets ever! im seriously glad i joined bus ministry. im not only helping and reaching out to these kids, were impacting their lives. i can totally see some of these living for God when they grow up and some being missionaries.. cant wait to see what God has in store for these kids' lives:) well thats all for today PEACE PEEPS!

Jul 5, 2011


these pics were taken like a year ago =) i cant find a recent pic of mr.David

OMW! so on friday david is turning 11! =) im posting this now lol cuz im going to be busy the rest of the week helping my mom out. David is like thee best brother ever! he always makes me laugh. i'd be like in my room trying to do homework and he runs into my room and starts dancing! lol too funny :) this one time we were at the store and we couldnt find him! then we heard a little boy on the speaker thingy say lala where are you? too funny lol =) he used to call me lala when we were younger he got it from the teletubbies lol . just wanted to share little story with ya'll .. HAPPY BIRHTDAY MY BROTHA!

Jul 4, 2011

a Day at the Beach!

So today i went to the beach with my family! it was alot of fun! and the water was SUPER warm! i got all dark :) hehe . so tomorrow (4th of July) we might go to the beach again! and watch the fireworks there :) we shall see... :)

Jun 29, 2011

here are some pics from youth convention:) only 2 haha :)

just checkin' in!

hey peeps! so i havent been blogging much . i know :p . but so far my summer has been great! David graduated from 5th grade! craziness! and for memorial weekend i went hiking with a couple of the girls from church! (aseri,lane,luisa,kaylynn, and char'dae) then we had a little photoshoot! superfun! and we had ANOTHER photoshoot the next day lol :) last Saturday i went to SF with my cousins and it was alot of fun! i seriously cant wait for my birthday!! its gonna be super fun!on july 14th im going to Modesto to visit my cousin!! KARA!!:) im going to stay with her for like a week!! its going to be a blast! and then that saturday im going to Sr.Camp! i am sooo excited ! then im going to disneyland in August! im going with my dad and one of my friends :) my family and i have been eating smores haha :) SUPER GOOD! and for 4th of july we might go to the beach!& do a little bonfire and yeah! lol okay so theres people swimming right now and its super cold! theyre crazy! haha okay so i'll try to update my blog more haha:p

Apr 26, 2011

Well havent been on this thing in forever !!!! Kara told me she was going to start blogging again so I said eh , why not start too! Lol . Well I went to Youth Convention this past week and it was a blast !! I met my long lost cousin (Kara Chavez) . She's the funniest and most sweetest girl you could ever meet .. We have ALOT in common lol :) well the services were great and I met alot of people:) . I'm definitely going to Sr. Camp this year! I have to! Lol .. I'll post pics later of youth convention :) alrighty g2g! :)

Mar 11, 2010

well my uncle and his wife just had their first baby at 5am i cant believe it! its a girl... i'll post pics later. :)

p.s. cant wait for youth convention 2010!!!

Jan 1, 2010

happy new year!

well happy new year! this year is going to be a blessing. i had a wonderful christmas i got lots of presents and on christmas day we went to Yosemite. i got a little car sick but it was fun. we were planning on going to Lake Tahoe today, but my mom had to work :/.on january 3-5 we are going to have revival services with Bro.keith Clark im pretty excited bout that! well got to go...
my goals this year are:
1. win at least 4-5 people to God
2. get my permit
3. read my bible more
4. have a right attitude throughout the WHOLE year :)
and lastly,well update my blog more often :)

Sep 10, 2009

my room

wow i havent been on my blog in a while anyways i just uploaded some pics of my room i remodeled it :) tell me what you think

Aug 18, 2009

going to miss you girly

lorrel moved to ohio with her family and they are going to help her grandparents start a church in ohio. that good im so glad that they are going that lorrel im going to miss you sooooooooooooo much there was so much we didnt do but its cool when you come back we could do lots of things together love ya girlie and dont ever change

Aug 12, 2009

back to school

i hope to see all my friends in high school :)

well im about to start freshman year on the 24 i believe or i dont even know lol well im excited/scared of going to high school. it feels like a big step in life i feel older that im going to high school lol. i hope i have a great time in freshman year well love you all bye


Jul 28, 2009

update on the life of iridian!

well ive been kinda busy these are the things ive been doing
2. well i got a new phone lol
3. more chores
4. babysitting
6. my birthday
7. even more chores

Jul 17, 2009


here are some pics of her and other girls too lol

well i havent posted in a while and i couldnt think of anything to post of. soooo i decided to post something about my bestest friend at church ASERI!!!!!!! omw she is the greatest person you could imagine. she is always there for you and she understands everything you tell her. i remember when she first came from the Fiji islands the HATED me in CCA lol and well i didnt like her either lol. i cant remember when she started liking me lol i think it was when i moved into their sunday school class. its funny cuz when she used to live around the corner from me i would walk to her house every sunday morning for bus. BTW this is the greatest ministry at the church and im never going to get out of this ministry!!!!!!!!! back to aseri lol shes a little miss DIVA lol i love the way that she dresses up and how she does her hair. i love the way that she does my hair too it just comes out so perfect. and she needs the persons hair to come out perfect or takes it all down and does it again lol well i just wanted to say that i love you aseri and i dont want to lose this friendship that we have LOVE YA GIRL!!!!

Jul 11, 2009


well its 12 and its my birthday today!!!!!!!!!! omg i cant believe it lol :)

Jul 9, 2009

happy birthday diana!!!!!!!!!



Jul 8, 2009

happy birthday david!!!!!!!!!

these are some pics of my brother :]

happy birthdy lil brotha i love ya!

Jul 6, 2009

random survey

name: iridian dominguez
nickname: not going to say that
age: 14
birthday: july 11
birthplace: san jose (in a hospital) lol
eye color: brown
hair color: brown
lefty or righty: lefty
what do you drive: ???
color: pink!
music: gospel
sport: soccer
fast food restaurant: in-n-out
food: idk
ice cream: vanilla
cereal: trix
candy: snickers
drink: dr. pepper
{---do you---}
have any siblings: yes 3 brothers
have any pets: yes a dog
have a job: um no
have a cellphone: DUH!
have any special skills or talents: i dont think so
have any fears: yes spiders
have a bedtime: no!
sing in the shower: when no one is home
want to go to college: yes
get along with your parents: yes
{---love and all that stuff---}
ever been in love: yes
are you single: kinda
do you have a crush on someone: yes!
{---this or that---}
fruit or veggie: fruit
black or white: both
lights on or lights off: depends
car or truck: car
strawberries or blueberries: strawberries
{---have you ever---}
danced in a public place: um yea
smiled for no reason: yes lol
laughed so hard you cried: um i think so
talked to someone you dont know: yes all the time
{---random and silly junk---}
ever TP'd someones house: yes
ever egged someones house: yes
how many languages do you speak: 2 english and spanish
ever regret anything: yes lots of things
do you like being tickled: no
what are your goals: getting married and going to heaven
are your fingers tired: no
are you tired of this survey: no
are you happy: kinda

Jul 2, 2009


this is me when i stay up too late

Well its july 2,2008 and its excactly 12:58 a.m. as you can see i'm up really late! i've been staying up really late these past few weeks and i just can't sleep! last night i went to bed at 4:45 in the morning too and i wasnt tired at all today. i think its because i think about a lot of stuff my mom asks me if its about a boy that i like LOL and i say MAYBE lol. i'm not going to say the name lol. well anyways i had nothing to do right now so i decided to post this on my blog TTYL:)

Jun 27, 2009


so today we went to a church in santa Rosa to help them with their bus ministry! i had a great time then after that we went to san francisco i had a blast with half of the blue bomber crew lol. we took a lot of pictures by the golden gate bridge. to be honest i HATE going on the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!!!! because i always think of "what if it breaks in half and we all fall into the ocean" lol but every time we go on it nothing happens... allen wiggins (my best amigo lol) told me that 12 people in a year die from suicide thats 1 person per month! what im trying to say is that the people go to the golden gate bridge and throw themselves into the ocean :( thats pretty sad... anyways i had a great time and i'll put pics up later!

Jun 9, 2009


omg mY gRaDuAtIoN Is ToMoRrOw!!!! Im gRaDuAtInG MiDdLe sChOoL wHiCh Is 8tH gRaDe!It wAs sOoOoOo HaRd tO GeT ThIs FaR BuT I MaDe It LoL. wElL tHaTs AlL i WaNtEd tO SaY TtYl ;)